X:20 T:William Taylor's Tabletop Hornpipe T:(Green Man April 2019) C:Dave Shepherd M:4/4 K:Em |:"Em"E2 E2 EFGE | "D"FGFE "Bm"D2 B,2 | "Em"B2 B2 "D"ABAG | "Bm"FEDE "D"FGAF | "Em"E2 E2 EFGE | "D"FGFE "Bm"D2 B,2 | "Em"BAGF "C"EG"D"FD | "Em"E2 E2 E4 :: "Em"BGEG B2 B2 | "D"AFDF A2 A2 | "C"GFED E2 EG | "D"FEDE F2 F2 | "Em"BGEG B2 B2 | "D"AFDF A2 A2 | "C"GFED "Em"EG"D"FD | "Em"E2 E2 E4 :| W: W: A tune written by Dave Shepherd of Blowzabella. Let's get this out of the way, W:it was written in Gm with a subtlely differerent B music. The version we play W:is the vernacular one, played in sessions, by ceilidh bands and border W:morris sides throughout the land. The composer does not like this version W:but it has been chosen for our sessions because it is the version our members W:are most likely to encounter in the wild, in fact it was our very first tune W:of the month in October 2017. If you're that way inclined you can research W:the original, otherwise just enjoy playing this version. W: