X:484 T:Spirit of the Dance M:6/8 L:1/8 K:G T: First Version Wheatsheaf G2 D E2 D|G2 D E2 D|GAB c2 B|ABG FED| G2 D E2 D|G2 D E2 D|GAB cde|cAF G3:| DGB c3|B3 A3|ABc d2 e|c2 d B3| GAB c3|B3 A3|ABc B2 c|B2 A G3:| T: Alternate Version - Green Man S: No 5 in the Thomas Hardy/James Hook ms, Dorset County Museum "G"G2D "C"E2D|"G"G2D "C"E2D|"G"GAB "C"c2B|A2 G "D"FED| "G"G2D "C"E2D|"G"G2D "C"E2D|"G"GAB "C"c2 B|"D"AGF "G"G3:| |:GAB "C"c3| "G"B3"D"A3| ABc "D"d3| "C"c3 "G"B3| GAB "C"c3| "G" B3 "D" A3| "D"Bcd "G"BAG| "C"B2 "D"A "G" G3 :|