X:26 T:Portsmouth T:(Green Man April 2019) C:Playford 11th ed 1701 Q:1/4=180 I:abc2nwc M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G D2|:G3A BAGF|E4e4|d2B2cBAG|A6D2| G3A BAGF|E4e4|d2B2cBAB|[1G6D2:|[2 G6 d2|| |: g3a bagf|g2d4B2|g2B2cBAG|A6D2| G3 A BAGF | E4e4 | d2B2 cBAB | [1 G6d2 :|[2G6|] W: W:This one is in fact a Playford tune and can be found in the 11th edition of W:'The Dancing Master' of 1701. This is one of the few English folk tunes to W:have entered popular repertoire beyond the folk world, having been arranged W:by Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1923 as the second movement of his W:'English Folk Song Suite' and later used as the theme tune for the W:BBC television show 'Billy Bunter' in the 1950's. W: