X:24 T:Plane Tree, the T:(Green Man April 2019) M:6/8 L:1/8 K:Em |:EGB EGB|cBA B3|cde dcB|AGA B2 E| EGB EGB|cBA B3|cde dcB|AGF E3:|: efg f2e|ded B3|cde dcB|AGA B2 E| efg f2e|ded B3|cde dcB|AGF E3:| W: W:The Plane Tree by the late Undine Hornby of the Late Night Band. This tune W:originated around 1981 as the French tune 'Mominette' by Maxou Heintzen, W:at some point it made it to the USA unattributed and was renamed W:'Schottische a Bethany' by American melodeon player Gary Chapin in honour o W:f his wife - to this day SAB is a more common name for the tune but W:Mominette is the correct title - folk pedant points for knowing that one. W:Meanwhile at some point in the '90s Undine Hornby picked up the tune, W:adapted it to an English jig rhythmn and names it 'The Plane Tree'. W:So there you go, living tradition anyone? W: