X:12 T:Mount Hills T:(Green Man April 2019) M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G |:"G"G2"B"d2 "Em"B2B2|"C"ABAG "D"F2D2|"G"G2"B"d2 "Em"B2B2|"G"d2 cB "D"A4| "G"G2"B"d2 "Em"B2B2|"C"ABAG "D"F2D2|"Em"G2 FE "C"c2 BA|"D"F2F2 "G"G4:| |:"D"F3 G A2"G"B2|"C"c2B2 A2 GF|G2E2 c2d2|"G"B4 "D"A4| "G"dedc "Em"B2B2|"C"G2G2 E2B2|c2 "G"BA GFGA|"D"A4 "G"G4:| W: W:An old English dance tune published in Playford's Dancing Master of 1701. W:'Mount Hills' is a fairly common place name in England although a plausible W:theory is that the tune is named after the hills surrounding the once W:fashionable resort of Tunbridge Wells. W: