X:11 T:Moll in the Wood T:(Green Man April 2019) C:trad. M:6/86/8 L:1/8 K:G |: A |"Em"BAB G2F | "Am"E2F "Em"G2A |"G" BAB G2B | "D"AFD D2A | "Em"BAB G2F | "Am"E2F "Em"G2A | "G"BGB dcB | "D"AFD D2 :| |: A |"G"BGB d2c | BGB d2c | BGB "B"dBd | "C"ecA "D"A2c | "G"BGB d2c | BGB "B"def | "C"gfe "G"dcB | "D"AFD D2 :| W: W:Also known as 'Moll o' the Wood' or 'Moll in the Wad' and 'The Gradely Lass'. W:'Wad' is an old word for a bundle of straw and may have been a eupehmism W:for a prostitute or promiscuous woman this tune appears in various W:manuscripts from the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Perthshire, W:Devon, Northants, Kent and the USA W: