X:21 T:Halsway Schottische T:Halsway Carol T:(Green Man April 2019) R:Schottische C:Nigel Eaton 2011 O:England M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=120 K:D "D"A2GF EDEF|"G"B2A2"A"E2FG|"G"B2A2 GFED|"Em"G2F2"A"E4| "D"A2GF EDEF| "G"G2F2"A"E2F2|"Bm"D2EF "Em"GFED|[1 "A"F2E2 "D"D4:|[2 "D"F2E2 D3 d|| |:"D"cd A3 dcd|"G"G2GA "D"F2FG|"Em"E2FG AGFE|"G"G2F2 "A"E3d| "D"cd A2 "A"ABcd|"G"G2GA "D"F2FG|"Em"E2FG AGFE|1 "A"F2E2 "D"D3d:|2 "D"F2E2 D4|] W: W:A tune written by Nigel Eaton back in 2011 but which has now travelled round W:the globe, being termed 'the international melody. The tune even has it's own W:website where musicians, both professional and amateur, post their own versions. W:Lyrics were later added making the tune into a lovely midwinter carol. Check it out W:on YouTube, particularly Jackie Oates' version from the album W:'The Spyglass and the Herringbone'. W:http://halsway.musicwebdesign.nl/index.php W: