X:30 T:Enrico T:(Green Man April 2019) O:england C:Traditional N:Sussex Tune Book M:4/4 L:1/8 K:D |:A2|d2fe dcdB|ABAG F2A2|d2ef gfgf| e2a2a2f2| d2fe dcdB|ABAG F2A2|B2gf edec|d2d2d2:| |:fg|a2ag fgfe|dedc B2B2|gagf efed|cdcB A2A2| d2d2cecA|d2d2cecA|d2f2edec|d2d2d2:| W: W:Reputed to be novelist Thomas Hardy's favourite tune and found in his father's W:manuscript this is Enrico, aka Waterloo Fair or Jacob. W: