X:3 T:Captain Lanoe's Quick March T:(Green Man April 2019) M:6/8 L:1/8 K:G |:G2B d2d|gfe d3|cdc BcB|AGA B2G| G2B d2d|gfe d3|cdc BcB|AGA G3:| |:B3B3|BAB c3|B2c d2c| B2A B2G| B3B3|BAB c3|B2g dBG|A3G3:| W: W:Who was Captain Lanoe and why was he in such a hurry? A spot of W:internet research yields various theories some of which are clearly W:untenable. What is known is that tune dates from at least 1796 as W:is found in the manuscript of William Aylemore, a clarinet player W:from West Sussex. W: