X:25 T:Bagpipers T:(Green Man April 2019) C: L:1/16 M:2/4 K:G D2|:EFG2 G2F2|E6D2|E3D E2F2|GFGA G2D2| EFG2 G2F2|E6D2|E3D E2F2|[1G4G2D2:|[2G4G4|| |:Bcd2 d2B2|B2A2A4|BABc d2d2|BABc d2GF| EFG2 G2F2|E6D2|E3D E2F2|G4G4:| W: W:Found in the William Mittel manuscript of 1799 where it is called 'The Bagpipes'. W:This one has become something of a hit on the English folk scene recently after W:being recorded by both Leveret and Lady Maisery - both versions are seriously W:worth checking out on You Tube if you don't have the albums - two very W:different versions of this lovely tune. W: