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Q. Is my email address safe here?

A. Well *I'm* not going to spam you, nor pass your email to anyone who will, nor post your email address anywhere else. This sort of script isn't mega secure, but its should be OK. If you're worried, don't use it. There are no guarantees. There's no logging or anything, (well other than server mail system logs) so there's not a log of email addresses somewhere on the server some lowlife could hack into.

Conditions of Use

This page and script is solely for private individuals to communicate with the author. Communications from friends and acquaintances are very welcome. Unsolicited personal emails relevant to the contents of the site or the site creator are permitted. Businesses and organisations may only use the scripts for communications directly and immediately relevant to the content of URls that I link to this page.

The use, misuse or abuse of these scripts for any kind of commercial email, mass email or any attempt to use it to contact anyone other than myself is prohibited.

There are no guarantees that communications will work correctly, if at all. Your message may not be transmitted unaltered and or in its entirety.

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